About Us

We are passionate about First Aid and knows that having the right equipment with you, can save a life.

Having searched the Country for comprehensive, compliant First Aid Kits and Supplies – we are extremely happy to bring these Kits to you, to ensure you have all you need to keep your families, staff and friends safe.

First Aid Kits You Can Depend On When It Matters!

That’s why, for more than 20 years, tens of thousands of Australians have relied on us for:
  • Premium Quality First Aid Kits for Personal, Business and Emergency Needs
  • First Aid Supplies and Equipment
  • Medical & Surgical Products and Devices
  • Defibrillators, TENS and EMS Machines
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • First Aid Training (through Fluid Training)
  • Expert Safety and First Aid Advice
We make the best first aid kits in Australia. Every kit we sell is manufactured under our TGA License, to our uncompromising standards. Our kits are relied on by tens of thousands of individuals, resellers, businesses, paramedics, emergency medical staff and government organisations every single day.
While we all hope a first aid kit is something we never have to use. If you, a loved one, a colleague or customer are in a situation that requires one, having a high quality first aid kit really could make all the difference!
When it comes to your safety, don’t risk being stuck in an emergency situation wishing you had a better kit! You can rest assured, any First Aid Kit from us will cover you well, if you ever need it.